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Private Art photoshoot for Photographer

Personalized Approach

As photographer you might be interested in something different than everyone else is shooting, but organizing it all takes too much time. We can realize your wishes and invent you special unique concept and save your time.

We offer you ideas which include:

  • professional model

  • makeup and hairstyling for model

  • designer dresses rental

  • props creation and/or rental

  • your personal assistance

  • model release

  • use of special effects such as colored smoke

  • anything else you need, we can get it for you

​You name it, we do it. Or you trust us and we surprise you with ur creativity.


Private Art photoshoot for Photographer

Details and Prices

Our photoshoots are for everyone. You don't have to be professional.

What is included ?

We provide you personal unique idea inclusive:  

  • professional model

  • special big handmade decorations

  • designer dresses

  • professional makeup and hair service for model

  • location search

  • assistance with posing

  • organisation of everything you need, so you can relax

Additionally you can order own personal video from the day for a special discounted price.

We work with experienced, inspired models and video-ographers.


The art photoshoot is unique every time and very personal for each client.
The price is a combination of different services together and depends on: 

  • model services

  • dresses

  • props/decorations

  • makeup and hair artist

  • special effects like smoke, soap balloons, feathers

  • location free/payed

  • travel time of the team if needed

  • rental of additional transport, for example for dragon decoration

  • video service included or not

  • art-directing help, assistance

  • organisation

We combine all ideas and services together and make you the best offer. 
We discuss the price of personal photoshoot together with each photographer. 

The starting price is 175 euro excl VAT.
Great news: Payment can be done in smaller parts and even after the shoot.

Who is the model?

We search for the best fitting model type for the idea of the photoshoot together.

How to book?

First step is to contact us. We will discuss the ideas and the prices. 

When everything is clear, to reserve your shooting opportunity, we expect reservation payment.

  • The reservation payment is 50 euros excl VAT.

Ask us about VAT before reservation.
The reservation payment is not refundable. In case of bad weather or other unpredictable situations we reschedule the shooting date or give you voucher. 
Read more about booking in our FAQ

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