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More About Me

My Story

Having 10 years experience of modelling Anna was tired of simple ideas and started to search for more creative concepts to shoot with.
Anna searched for photographers, designers, artists and ordered her first art-photoshoot.  After that shoot she was recognized as fine-art model. This creativity has led to many adventures, and has given  the chance to collaborate further with some truly talented individuals.
Soon after that Anna met with videographer Ksenia Ice Video and they started Art Photo Projects together. Together Art Photo Projects are always searching for more opportunities to explore further, continue growing and expand their skills. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch.



Get Informed

Which services do Art Photo Projects offer?

We provide for models (all people) and photographers:

Where are Art Photo Projects based?

We are based in The Netherlands. But we travel very often to Germany, Belgium, France, Iceland, Italy.  Our travel dates can be found on our events page.

Do I have to be professional to join?

You don't have to be professional as model or photographer to join us.
Anyone can join our events. Any size, age, beauty type, experience level.
We give you knowledge, unique experience and inspire to create together.

How to book a photoshoot?

You can book your photoshoot by sending us WhatsApp message, email us, write us a message to Instagram or Facebook. We are not a big fan of calls.

How to prepare for photoshoot as model?

There are few attention points that every model must think about before going to shoot. You need to have:

  1. Clean and dry hair

  2. Clean and neat nails

  3. Lingerie fitting the selected clothes color. Nude, white or black.

  4. Small snack and water 

  5. No plans for the rest of the day

  6. Good mood and positive vibes

  7. Enough sleep before the shoot

  8. Read clearly all conditions once more, ask all your questions before the session

Do Art Photo Projects shoot weddings too?

No, we are not shooting weddings. This is not our style. But we can recommend a good photographers.

What if the weather is bad?

There are different definitions of bad weather. Cloudy weather is the best for our outdoor photoshoots. A little bit of rain is oke too. 
If the weather is with heavy /snow rain, we will reschedule the private event/photoshoot to another day.
However we almost never reschedule our open events, tours, workshops.

Where does the photoshoot take place?

In 99% of projects we work on outdoor locations with natural light. We are big fan of nature, landscapes, city-scapes and that in combination with interesting styling and ideas. 
We normally do not shoot in studios. 
Soon there will be first decorated studio in The Netherlands and we will shoot there too. 

Prepayment policy

We provide limited places for our events. To reserve your spot and to prepare the team we ask prepayment. 
Prepayment is not refundable. If you will not come, or cancel last moment we keep the prepayment.
We do refund prepayment if we are the ones not able to make the photo-session happen. 
If something like covid-19 will make us to cancel event, we will give you vouchers and postpone the event for better time.

Payment in parts

We make it possible for you to book your participation and pay us in parts. 
For example each month 50 euros till you collect enough.
For private photosession for models it is also possible to pay after the shoot. But we will send you edited photos only after 100% payment. 
Payment is parts is including VAT of 21% with each payment. With each payment we will send you invoice.

The rights for the use of photos and videos

1. If you book a photo-session or join our event, you agree that photographer has the main right for the use of the photos.
2. Additionally you agree that we as team Art Photo Projects are allowed to use your edited best results in all our social media. We are sharing best results and base future event promotions on them. We are giving credits for all publications except promotions where multiple photos are used and giving credits is not technically possible.
3. We are not selling someone else work. If we have a chance of selling, we discuss it with everyone who worked on a photo first. 
4. If you as our model don't want your photos or videos to be published anywhere, you can buy the author right of the photos. IF you don't mention this before the photo-session, you automatically agree to the conditions written above by 1 and 2. 
5. If you as photographer don't want your photos to be used anywhere, we will make a signed contract. If you don not mention anything before the photoshoot, you automatically agree to the conditions by 1 and 2. 

Regulation according to blooming period

We cannot control the blooming season. The event date is an approximate date based on monitoring of blooming few years before the event date. If the bloom is later or earlier, we postpone the event. If you booked your participation, we will contact you about postponing if that is the case. 

Regulation according unedited photos

Read what an event includes and if you are not sure about something, always ask it before joining. 
We do not provide unedited high resolution photos during our portfolio days, but you can buy them for additional fee.

If you get more edited photos than we promise its a personal choice of the team and there are no extra charges. 
Additional edited photos can always be ordered for additional fee.


We do not provide unedited photos from our drone-photosessions. And not selling them.

Regulation according to delivery period

We have different teams which work on photosessions.

Standard regulation for editing is
A. 1 - 1,5 month after you select photos for editing from private session. 
B.  If its a portfolio day normally it takes 1 month waiting before you get edited photos.
C. If its a photosession with photographer from other country we invited to work with, it takes up to 3 month to edit photos. 

D. If its an intensive photography tour, due to intensity (amount of photos) it takes approximately also up to 2 month to edit photos.


If you want faster priority edit, you need to ask it before reservation of the day. There are additional fees for priority edit. 

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