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Rental Rules

Conditions dress/props rental from July 2021  
Holland Dress Rental

How to get the dress? (1)

Write us a message with screenshot of the dress(es) you want.
We will provide you details and price. Reserve the dress.
Pick up and bring back to Generaal Spoorlaan 753, Rijswijk. 

You can reach us in:

How to get the dress? (2)

If you cannot "pick up and bring back" ask about alternative possibilities: only few dresses can be sent by delivery service. Additionally we can bring the dresses for you for your shooting and take them back again . All made costs for this delivery alternative will be for you to pay. The made costs can be: sending costs, or fuel + time costs of delivery guy. We charge 10 euro per hour for working as delivery-guy for you and charge 0,15 cent per kilometer driving.

Rental period?

We make appointment about pick up and bringing back dates of the dress. Preferably you pick the dress up one day before the shoot and bring it back asap after.  If you keep the dress longer period we may charge extra for long-term use.

Conditions of use?

The dresses are for photoshootings only, we do not rent the dresses out for other events.

One rental means: one model during one shooting is wearing the dress.

Do you have a shooting day and more models want to wear same dress? It will mean each model need to pay rental price, but we can give you discount for this kind of event.

Do you have another shooting with same model and same dress on another day means: you pay for second rental.


To make sure that your dress is not rented by others, or not used by us for our shootings or tours, we recommend you to reserve your rental period.

Discuss when you will pick up and bring back the dress and pay reservation costs of 50 euros.

The reservation costs are NOT the costs for dress rental. We keep it separate. If you will not come to pick up the dress as agreed, we will not refund the reservation costs. If there will be damage or makeup spots on the dress after your rental period, we will not refund your reservation payment.

Pay attention! If you shoot with animals we have other conditions, read them below.

Shoot with animals?

If you have a photoshoot with animals like horses, dogs or any kind of animals, we expect reservation/guarantee payment of 500 euro.
If you are sure about your animal-model this must be not a problem, we just want you to be responsible to the damage you can make.
If you hide information about shooting with an animal to prevent high reservation payment, its up to you.
But if we find out, we will not rent you any other dress in the future, nor allow you to join any of @artphotoproject events.

Price of rental?

The price of a dress depends on the dress.

We work with different designers and they have own price range.

The price of a dress varies between  30 - 100 euros.

You can pay officially and get an invoice, or you can pay cash and avoid the VAT.

All kind of bank transfers mean we need to add 21% to rental price. No exceptions. Reservation payment is not a payment for rental of a dress.

Care for the dress?

If you care, do not wash the dresses!
Be careful with makeup, dirt and small sticks which can break the tulle-fabric of the dress.
If the damage is not possible to remove or repair, you will need to pay the whole price of the dress (think about 1000- 4000 euros).

See the dress before renting?

Fit the dress before renting is possible. You need to make an appointment for that.

Other questions?

The best and fastest way is to ask us in whatsapp +316 152 41 803

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